Boggy Creek Airboat Rides is Florida’s official airboat ride. It is one of the main attractions inFlorida which offers a boat ride to see animals and some other living creatures around the wilderness. The boats as well as the captains of the boats are certified by the U.S coast guard.

The Boggy Creek Airboat Rides offers three exciting rides to choose from. There is the thirty minute airboat ride, the forty-five minute private airboat tour and the one hour night time airboat ride. Boggy Creek Airboat Ridesprovides an exciting, thrilling and fun experience, all in one ride. This is once in a lifetime chance to see the beauty of the wilderness, the stunning views of nature, and be a part of the wild for a day. This outdoor theme park is for those who are nature enthusiasts, wildlife lover and an extreme adventure goer.

The Boggy Creek’s night tour is for those who like to have an extreme time in the park. Enjoy extreme time in the wilderness on the swaps, to intimidate the crocodiles and alligators. This ride is popular in holiday season. The dressing suggestion for this ride is to wear warm clothes, even during the warm months just to be safe.

The thirty minute tour is an exploration that discovers something that still remains as a secret on the wilderness. The master captains of each boat will take the riders to breathtaking sights with a side of beauty of the nature. Each boat will leave every after thirty minutes. The boats will cover up to seventeen passengers and a speed of forty-five miles per hour. The cameras and videos are at the rider’s own risk due to the light spray.

Boggy Creek Airboat Ride offers a forty-five minute private airboat ride too. This is a VIP tour that will take extreme goers to natural and beautiful places where the regular comers don’t get to come to. Each rider on the said VIP boat will have the privilege to take pictures, take videos that will advance the private tour and personal taste of adventure. The riders are advised to bring sun-block, sunglasses, caps, binoculars, and extra layers of clothing. The tour will provide the vest, hearing protection, the excitement, the fun, and the thrill itself.

The alligators are usually out at morning from ten to the afternoon and are not expected to be seen at night. The tour implementers advise their guests to arrive early for a brief introduction and better chances to see the wilderness at its best.

IMAGINE gliding through the wetlands viewing Florida’s native wildlife. Starting with a leisurely idle down our natural canal, looking for exotic birds, turtles and the Florida Alligator.

IMAGINE flying like the wind into the swamps, experiencing the awesome feel of the airboat traveling in speeds up to 45 mph.

IMAGINE this unforgettable journey right here in the Orlando area at Boggy Creek Airboat Rides, because we are . . .


If you like the day tours – you will love our “one hour night tours”. This tour is for the daring who crave going to the farthest extremes in adventure, fear and thrills.
(Night tours are Reservations only)

*All vessels are U.S. Coast Guard approved, licensed and insured.

Adult: 13+
Child: 3-12

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Boggy Creek Airboat Ride