For the Love of Movies and Hollywood Studios (MGM Studios)

Experience the thrill of reliving the different Disney movies from the past and the present; visit the world-renowned Hollywood Studios (MGM Studio)!

One of the four major theme parks of Walt Disney World in Orlando is the Hollywood Studios, otherwise known as the MGM Studios.  When watching the different Disney movies, one could not help but wonder how stunts and special effects happen.  Now, who wouldn’t want exclusive passes to behind-the-scenes footages of the different Disney movies?  There is definitely no need to wonder, as the Hollywood Studios will give you the time of your life as you go and visit this Florida theme park!

The action scenes that could only be seen in Hollywood movies could now be experienced and seen in different behind-the-scenes footages.  The Hollywood studio is also flanked by a lot of live shows which showcase the colorful aspects of Hollywood.  There are also different backstage tours and special events that are exclusive to the Hollywood industry, with all its glitz and glamour.

It does not matter if you are a rock and roll star or Broadway enthusiast, going to Hollywood studios will help you to relive that dream and become one, even for just a day!  For those who love American Idol, the theme park has installed a new attraction called the American Idol Experience.  This is where aspiring “idols” could take the center stage and live the life of an idol on stage.  The experience is not something to be laughed about since the set comes with everything — the stage, and even the spotlight!  And to add the excitement, there may be a chance to meet and greet with the former American Idol winners or contestants! This is the perfect place to collect memorabilia for your autograph collection.

The theme park is dedicated to Hollywood, and according to the statement delivered by Michael Eisner on May 1, 1989, the idea of Hollywood that Disney opened is a state of mind where imagination meets reality through the use of technology.  The park consists of 6 themed areas.  Unlike the different theme parks in Walt Disney World, the Hollywood Studios does not have a definite layout, but more of a fusion of streets and buildings.  The six main themes in the park include the following: Hollywood Boulevard, Echo Lagoon, Streets of America, Animation Courtyard, Pixar Place, and Sunset Boulevard.

For those who aspire of becoming stars even for a day, Hollywood Studios is the perfect place to visit.  Not only can you become a star, but you get to meet different celebrities as well during the stay in the park!  Get to experience the different environments that surround the Disney world, as well as experience the live performances of some shows that appear on television.

If you are looking to experience the Hollywood life and have fun as well, there is no other place to go to than the Hollywood Studios.  For Walt Disney World tickets, there are vacation packages that offer cheap family vacations.  For those who are looking for the perfect summer getaway, there are discounted tickets and tours that could be availed.

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