LEGOLAND  Florida – Theme park will be opening on October 15, 2011. The park is especially for children who are 2-12 years of age. There are over fifty rides to chose from, shows to watch and different attractions to see. A day spent at LEGOLAND Florida – Theme Park will surely be a day to remember. It is a forty five minute ride from the Orlando theme park.  It will be the biggest Lego theme park in the world for the whole family to enjoy and spend time to.

The increasing interest of children in LEGO masterpieces displayed on factories outside the park has made its creator, Godtfred Kirk Christansen to create his very own theme park for the kids to enjoy and be amazed on the beautiful models and figurines displayed on the said park. The project was initially intended to display gigantic models of the figurines and statues then the project became larger as the masterpieces began to grow. The landscapes, vehicles, statues, buildings and some people were made by using the standard sized LEGO block.

Legoland Florida – Theme park is the second LegolandPark inUnited States. The theme park provides education for children as well as enjoyment for the whole family.


There are different attractions for every side of the park; the following are the attractions are a must-see:

  • The Big Shop
  • The Market
  • Factory Tour
  • Studio Store
  • Granny’s Apple Fries
  • Fun Town Theater
  • MinilandUSA
  • DuploVillage
  • Lego Technic Test Track
  • Game Space
  • Build and Test- Build a Lego car
  • KidPowerTowers
  • Pirates Cove
  • Coastersaurus
  • Lost Kingdom Adventure
  • Pharaoh’s Revenge
  • Beetle Bounce
  • FunTownFireAcademy
  • Answer The Call
  • Driving School
  • Junior Driving School
  • FlightSchool
  • The Big Test
  • Castle Hill
    • The Dragon
    • The Royal Joust


LEGOLAND offers a LEGO Clubhouse that is built inside the theme park itself. Experience the LEGO universe by the first Massively Multiplayer Online Game system for LEGO fans. A giant online world where players could play with someone from all over the world, players could safely build and imagine like they have never been before.  LEGOLAND is such a great source of happiness, enjoyment and pleasure.  This is surely the only place where imagination is the only limit to create-your-own LEGO creations.

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LEGOLAND Florida – Theme park