The Fantastic Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is one of the four major theme parks inside the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. For those who are looking to feed and indulge their inner child, this is the perfect place to be.

When people hear the word “magic” all sorts of things begin popping into one’s head, and of course, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will always be part of that.  This is the place where the imagination of all the visitors runs free, where things that often appear in the movies become reality. It is considered as one of the best Florida theme park.

Magic Kingdom is located at 3111 World Drive, Orlando, Florida 32830, it is the holder of the title as the most visited theme park in the world.  It opened on October 1, 1971 and is nearing its 40th anniversary.  In 2009, an estimated 17 million visitors were known to have set foot in the theme park. This is not so surprising as it has a lot of attractions, that both the young and the old could enjoy.  This is definitely a park that should not be missed.

For people who have not yet entered the magical world of Magic Kingdom, it may be a bit mysterious as to why people continuously fly from different parts of the world just to visit the said theme park.  The park’s layout and attractions are similar to that of Anaheim’s Disneyland.  The Kingdom has six different Lands that the people of Disney are proud of and which people continue to go to.  The different Lands include:

  • Main Street, U.S.A. – This is the Land that is highly influenced by different styles around the world.  This Land is filled with different merchandise shops and food.  If ever a person gets lost, all he or she has to do is to visit the City Hall where cast members can give assistance and information.  For those who want to have their locks cut, there is a working barber shop that gives free haircuts!
  • Adventureland – This is the Land where the different exotic things found around the world could be experienced in one place.  It resembles the jungles found in Africa, Asia, and others.  For those who love the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Adventureland has the perfect ride for you!
  • Frontierland – This land resembles the American Old West, where cowboys and Indians dominated the scene.  This is where the exploration of the Rivers of America also becomes alive again.  Rides in this Land include the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Country Bear Jamboree.
  • Liberty Square – This Land resembles an old American Revolutionary town.  This is where the Liberty Belle sailboat is found.
  • Fantasyland – For those who are young at heart, the Land’s theme is perfect since it has a carnival style.  The classic rides that have made Disney famous could be found here (such as the Mad Tea Party)
  • Tomorrowland – This Land is themed to mimic that of the Space Age.  Whatever is connected to the “intergalactic” side of life could be found here.

Since the layout of the resort has placed Magic Kingdom more than a mile away from the main parking lot, guests are immediately taken by the parking lot trams to the Transportation and Ticket Center.  To reach Magic Kingdom, guests could either ride the Walt Disney World Monorail System or the Staten Island ferry boats or buses.

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