Sea World : In Communion with Sea Creatures

SeaWorld is a marine-life based theme park located in Orlando, Florida. It offers a wide variety of attractions, exhibits and guests can even try a couple of rides. Live shows featuring trained animals are also part of the everyday activities of the park.  SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment own and operated the said park. It is also part of the SeaWorld chain of marine parks, oceanariums and animal theme parks around the United States of America.

Key West at SeaWorld is a replica of the real city of Key West, also in Florida. Guests can find a plethora of marine wildlife such as stingrays, which is a type of cartilaginous fish related to sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, flamingos, which are sociable wading birds, manatees, a large, aquatic, herbivorous animal; and alligators. Guests can also feed the stingrays and the dolphins.

The children’s play ground is located in Shamu’s Happy Harbor. Shamu, a killer whale mascot, is the park’s mascot. Shamu’s rides include Shamu Express, a family oriented roller coaster, Sea Carousel, a marine-theme carousel and Jazzy Jellies, a jellyfish-theme ride for the family which lifts and spins each car for a marvelous view of the Happy Harbor. Other rides are Swishy Fishies, a spinning teacup ride around a huge teapot and Pirate’s Nets, a four-story tall net connected to tunnels and slippery slides.

The Waterfront at SeaWorld is reminiscent of a beachside Mediterranean village. It is the site of restaurants, shops and the iconic Sky Tower Ride, a six-minute capsule ride that will take guests up to 400 feet above ground for a scenic view of the whole park.

The main attraction of this Florida theme park is the numerous live shows involving trained animals. Shamu Stadium is home to the killer whale performers while The Whale and Dolphin Stadium feature dolphins, fake killer whales, macaws, and Andean condors. A pair of California sea lions, Clyde and Seamore, is the star at the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium. Concerts and other events are held at the Bayside Stadium. An acrobatic show, A’lure, is shown at the Nautilus Theatre. Dogs, cats and other rescued animals are showcased at Seaport Theatre while Seafire Inn is a restaurant and theatre rolled into one.

There are also other animal exhibits like Penguin Encounter, an indoor exhibit also featuring murres and puffins, ark Encounter offers an assortment of sharks, rays and venomous fish and Pacific Point Preserve featuring sea lions and seals.  Dolphin Cove, an outdoor exhibit of Bottlenose Dolphins, Turtle Point, home to sea turtles in an outdoor exhibit, Manatee Rescue showcasing rescued Florida manatees, Stingray Lagoon, a covered court exhibit where guests can touch stingrays, Dolphin Nursery, which is for newborn bottlenose dolphins, and Flamingo Ponds, an outdoor exhibit of flamingos, are also available.

The park is open from 9 AM onwards. Guests are advised to check the refurbishment schedule before the SeaWorld visit as attractions may be closed for maintenance purposes. Ample paid parking is available outside the park for guests using their own cars.

Discount tickets can be bought ahead of time online.

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