The Rain Rock Mountain at Water Mania

Water Mania is a one-of-a kind water park located in Kissimmee Florida in the Disney area. There is a new addition to the fun park called the Rain Rock Mountain. This is a 25 feet high waterfall that challenges climbers by pitting them against falling water as they climb that 25 feet high waterfall. This latest wall climbing addition would truly be a one of a kind experience for both novice and advanced climbers alike. There are 3 faces so that 3 climbers could race and climb all at the same time for that extreme climbing experience.

Water Mania is the onlyFlorida water park, which can boast of theRainRockMountain experience. It brings both excitement and challenge for the individuals as they not only rock climb but they rock climb with a twist as they have to bring with them a more daring personality and enough stamina to withstand not just the pressure of climbing, but that of climbing with an extra force of water falling upon them. As Robert Keane, general manager of Water Mania would have it, “guests not only rock climb, but they bring those daring skills into play under the cool rush of a waterfall.”

The Target Clientele of Water Mania

The RainRockMountainexperience will only be available for the guests who are over 44” in height.  The wonderful RainRockMountainaddition however, is sure to generate interest from both the new and loyal clientele of Water Mania.  First, the youth are sure to enjoy the daring and adventure it brings as they race to the “finish line” while withstanding the pressure of the waterfall. Second, the corporate clients can see this activity as a possible part and parcel of a team building event that could be a metaphor for withstanding the pressures of work and that of competition from the external forces of business.  Third, families would surely enjoy this fun activity, as one could already picture family members cheering one another in order to surpass the waterfall climbing challenge.

Why Visit Water Mania

Water Mania does not only have theRainRockMountain, it also has other activities, which have become a favorite of some guest over the years. First, it has the surfing wave simulator called the Wipe-Out. It also has the dark thriller known as the Abyss. It even has the adrenaline pumping activity called The Screamer. Water Mania simply helps bring to you the excitement of water activities. So, get to know more about how you could get to the Water Mania site and avail of the package tours by clicking on these links.

Splashing Water Park Fun at Water Mania Florida