Shared Rides

There are many fun and exciting multi-person rides at Wet ‘N Wild. First, the Brain Wash ride allows a group of four to share the thrilling experience of dropping into a dark 53-foot vertical tunnel. The thrill simply leaves the riders wanting for more. Second, there is The Surge ride, which is a 5-storey tube ride that can also be shared by 4 people. It is an adrenaline pumping experience of sliding down a 600 ft tube that consists of heart-racing twist, turns and dips. Third, The Black Hole: The Next Generation ride can be availed of by two people who want to witness the explosion of sounds and color at each fantastic turn inside a dark tunnel. The experience is similar to a space adventure wherein one is light years away. Fourth, The Black Hole: The Blast ride can also be shared by two people who are willing to go through a ruptured pipeline that will bring the riders to various waterfalls, bursting pipes and other areas where swirling waters abound. There are many more multi-person rides at the Wet ‘N Wild. Aside from the once mentioned above, there is also the Disco H2O, the Bubba Tub, The Flyer and The Wild One.

Single Person Rides

If one’s idea is to get away from it all through a single person ride, then the Wet ‘N Wild Rides still has the answer. First, one can go wake skating whether one is just a novice or an expert in the field.  The Wake Zone cableway can pull you safely around the lake. Second, one can try the Mach 5. Lie down on a padded body mat and your set to go as long as one knows how to control the mat.  You can slide thrillingly to a distance of 1,700 feet.  Third, there is the Der Stuka ride.  This is a 6-storey ride that leaves one exhilarated over the thrill of dropping on a 250-foot slide that angles almost vertically then transitions to a 155 feet water runway before it finally stops. This is just the tip of the iceberg there are many more single rides to enjoy in your next Wet ‘N Wild visit

Why Visit Wet “N Wild

One can never go bored with the range of rides to choose from at Wet ‘N Wild.  Whether it’s hang out time with friends, bonding time with family or teambuilding time with co-workers, the activities at the place are sure to meet the fun and exhilarating requirements of the visitors.  So don’t let the chance pass you by, get to know more about this destination plus the package tours available by clicking at these sites:

The Thrilling Rides of Wet ‘N Wild Florida