Walt Disney World: The Place Where Dreams Come True

Looking forward to becoming a child once again?  Walt Disney World will fulfill that and so much more. Be ready to be awed as you go on a magical ride at Walt Disney World!

People of all age and sizes all aspire to return to the times when they could enjoy the life of a child: carefree, full of imagination, and brimming of life and vivacity. When the imagination runs wild, it is a kid’s instinct to feed it and to revel in the hype.  The same feelings arise upon buying a Walt Disney World ticket and setting foot in the famous Florida theme park.

Walt Disney World consists of 4 major theme parks and two water parks.  Each park has its own unique attribute which attracts millions of people every year.  In fact, Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is devoted to the tribute too Anaheim’s Disneyland.  It was Walt Disney’s dream to create another place that was a vacation resort where people and their families could enjoy more than the one-day stay at Disneyland.  There is a much wider scope of activities, sports, and recreation compared to Disneyland.

There are 4 major theme parks that are inside Walt Disney World, all catering to different whims and wishes of the guests.

  1. Magic Kingdom is a theme park that best follows Anaheim’s Disneyland.  The attractions are similar, but with different tweaks as well.  With 6 different themes within the park, it is impossible not to find something that you will truly enjoy.  This is where people could talk to fairies, live in the Old American West, meet and greet with different Disney characters, go to Mars on a simulated flight, meet the different presidents of America, and go swash-buckling with the pirates!  The experience could be shared by the whole family and will forever be part of the great memories.
  2. Animal Kingdom is the theme park built for people who want to know more about the sciences and the lives of the different animals.  It focuses on bringing the jungles of Asia, Africa, the South Pacific, and other remote jungles.  Children can have fun interacting with Crush, the cool turtle in Finding Nemo!
  3. Epcot focuses on bringing the different cultures of the world in the theme park, as well as showcasing the different technological innovations of today.  For tech enthusiasts, the different shows or pavilions here could very well knock your socks off.
  4. Disney’s Hollywood Studios, formerly known as the MGM Studios, is the embodiment of Hollywood, with all its glitz and glamour.  This is where guests could experience being a star and at the same time get to meet other stars as well.

The experience that Walt Disney World brings truly upholds its promise: to make dreams come true.  Deep down, in every person’s heart, there is a longing to live the Disney life, and the Walt Disney World is here to give that to the people.

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Walt Disney World appeals to the hearts of the young and young at heart.  Go and indulge in the magical world of Disney!

The most magical place on earth! Here in this incredible fantasy world, imagination takes flight and spirits soar as your favorite characters and lands of make-believe come alive just for you.

Wondrous attractions thrust you into enchanting adventures. Lavish parades and shows leave you laughing along with characters from your favorite Disney classics. It’s a kingdom where once upon a time is now, and a place to create cherished memories that last forever.

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