The Kennedy Space Center: Discover KSC-Today and Tomorrow Tour

            This type of tour ranges from 2.5 to 3 hours daily.  The tour price is set at $21 for adults and $15 for children.  This tour takes the visitor to a guided sightseeing of the Center.  It helps one discover how it is to launch a space shuttle starting from preparation, all the way to lift off.  There are tour guides to help one sort out the information on the massive structures that they see which make up the world’s largest launch facility. The visitors can even go up-close to see the coastal launch pad, which was instrumental in bringing people to the moon as well as other space shuttles in outer space.

The Kennedy Space Center: Cape Canaveral- Then & Now Tour

This type of tour ranges from 3.5 hour to 4 hours.  It departs starting at 12:50 pm daily.  The tour price is at $21 for adults while children are charged $15.  This tour takes the visitor back in time as the guide helps the tourists discover the fifty year history of space exploration with a center on Cape Canaveral.  Included in the guided tour is a visit to the historic Launch Complex 5/6, which is known as the site where the 1st two Mercury launches took place.  It is also known as the place where NASA’s manned space program was born.

Why Visit the Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center may seem worlds apart from that of other theme parks in the Florida area. Yet in truth, it is just a few minutes drive form the other recreational centers.  The Kennedy Space Center is actually located on a wildlife site that is 8 times bigger than the area ofManhattan inNew York.  Every year, millions come and go to this site in order to experience the technology that allowed many of the great accomplishments of man to take place.  At this Center, one can see up close NASA’s rocket launch as well as other landing facilities.  Visitors can even experience the interactive flight simulators as well as enjoy the live shows.  There are even startling encounters with the huge rockets that one may have only seen on TV.  There is also a chance to meet a real-life veteran NASA astronaut that completes the surreal-like nature of the trip.

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World of Discovery: The Kennedy Space Center